All opinions on this blog are 100% my own.

Items/experiences may have been gifted, PR samples, and/or sent to me for review. This includes any products received in gift bags at blogger events, and sponsored/paid for reviews. If a post contains an item/experience of this nature, it will be marked with '*' and clearly stated at the bottom of the blog post.

Any review will be my fully honest and unbiased opinion and will only be put on this blog if I feel it is something I am interested in writing and something that fits with my blog.

In addition to this, at blogging events, I am occasionally gifted products which are not cruelty-free or vegan. These products are gifted to family/friends or donated to charity and are much appreciated. There may be blog posts on this blog prior to February 2016 featuring non-vegan products.

This blog is PR friendly and I am happy to work with brands, other bloggers, and companies. I can be contacted at and will reply as quickly as I can.

Thank you.

My header image & favicon were designed by Ellie Trussell, who can be found here. 

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