Sunday, 23 September 2018

Blogger Recognition Award

A third post in a week?! I'm spoiling you! The brilliant L at One More Light LB has nominated me for a 'Blogger Recognition Award' and I am so thankful! L is such an angel and writes some brilliantly poignant pieces about mental health, particularly how Chester Bennington's life, music, and passing has affected her. You should 100% check out their blog!

The Rules
1. Write a post to show your award.
2. Give a brief story of how your blog started. 
3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
4. Thank those who nominated you and link their blog.
5. Select other bloggers to give the award to. 

Well, as Rule 1 and 4 are already down, I suppose it's time for me to tell all about the origins of SpookyKiah and to attempt the imparting some sage wisdom upon those new to the blogging community. Okay, it's not going to be sage, or wise. I just type away and hope for the best really, as I'm sure you can tell if you've found yourself reading this dusty ol' corner of the web. 

How SpookyKiah Started
SpookyKiah started back in 2015, when I was but an introverted little undergraduate student. Parties and huge gatherings weren't really my cup of tea, and I was looking for something to occupy me other than Netflix binges and eating too much cheese. I noticed Codie had been blogging, and as I'd decided upon meeting her that I wanted to be just like her, it followed that I immediately wanted in on the blogging action. I'd also seen Katy, who I'd known from college, getting her blog on and being a roaring success at it, and I really wanted to try it out. From there, I discovered how wonderful and welcoming the blogging community is on Twitter, and never once looked back. 

Advice For New Bloggers
1. Always prioritise being true to yourself. All this talk of having a 'brand' can make it seem like you have to create a persona, or only showcase the 'best' aspects of yourself, and that's simply not true. I find just being yourself, and taking people with you on your journey through life, will create content you are much prouder of than if you'd built it on an inaccurate image of yourself. Be the special, wonderful, brilliant you, and your little space on the internet will shine brightly and attract the readers who will love you and relate to you. 

2. Write whatever you want to write! Many people will advise you to choose a niche and stick to it. I absolutely disagree. I feel so sad when I see book bloggers questioning if people will stop reading if they post about their mental health, or beauty bloggers worrying that people might switch off if they show us their latest travel adventures. Your blog is your space. You change. Your life changes. Your interests change. My blog was purely lifestyle and beauty based, until I went vegan. Then I realised I wanted to talk about mental health, so I did. People are reading because they want to hear your thoughts and opinions, and you should alwyas write what makes you feel passionate. It's perfectly okay not to stick to a niche or theme! 

I Award...
1. Codiekinz - for inspiring me to start blogging, for being a role model, for being the most amazing human ever, for exuding good vibes, for being unafraid to discuss anything, for bossing every aspect of life.

2. The Lilac Scrapbook - for inspiring me to start blogging, for introducing me to the amazing North West blog community, for being brilliant at everything she puts her mind to. 

3. WhatLydDid - for being so supportive of everyone, for always working hard, for staying positive in the face of adversity, for being such a wonderfully creative soul. 

4. Nicole Eloise - for being so candid and honest about life with mental and chronic illness, for fighting to end stigma and poor attitudes, for bravely speaking out despite the negative reactions she has faced, and for all the cute dog pictures. 

5. Becky Bedbug - for her recent guidance on brand pitching (see her Twitter), for sharing her interest in death, for her amazing unique outfit posts, for being a fellow alternative babe. 


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