Sunday, 19 August 2018

New Wardrobe Wishlist

Since staring my new job, I've been building up a chunky Amazon Wishlist of the new clothes I'm lusting after. Over the past year, a medication I was on caused weight gain, plus my mental health took the fun out of nice clothes, so for a long time I've basically lived in the same 2 grotty pairs of trousers and a small collection of faded, ill-fitting old t-shirts. Now I'm feeling myself, loving my new shape, keen to dress up all funky, and have an income again. Time for a wardrobe update? I think so! My wishlist is full of everything from practical choices to more bold pieces, so I've picked some of my favourite, more fun items to share with you. 

Buddy Project You Have a Purpose T-Shirt - Buddy Project are selling this t-shirt as part of their 'you have a purpose' campaign. A portion of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to mental health facilities in the USA. It's such an adorable t-shirt design with an important message for a very special cause. I really want to buy more clothes to support important campaigns, and this t-shirt is just the start!

ASOS Knitted Pom-pom Grunge Beanie - I'm keen to see if I suit hats more now that I'm growing my fringe out! For the years I've had my fringe, hats have just pushed it flat across my head and made it stick out weirdly. This autumn may finally be the era of the hat for me! I love alternative fashion twists on current trends so this pom-pom hat with pins and rings is perfect.

New Look Monochrome Check Tapered Trousers - I tried on a similar pair in Sainsbury's recently but they were more like thick leggings than trousers so I didn't go for them in the end. I loved the pattern but not the fit, so a more structured pair like this would be ideal!

Dogecore Be Nice to Me T-Shirt - A possum and a self-deprecating joke? Has a t-shirt ever been more me? Probably not. I just really love possums. I'm trying to inject a touch more colour into my wardrobe, as I really love the pastels-on-black look, so this is perfect. Don't worry, I won't be straying too far from the path of dark clothing!

Topshop MOTO Pink Joni Jeans - Another part of my 'add more colours' drive. I have 50,000 pairs of black trousers so adding a touch of pink to the mix can't do any harm. I'm queen of the gothic or a pastel princess - there is no inbetween! I'd love to wear these as a 'pop' of colour in an otherwise black outfit. How adorable would a cosy black sweatshirt look with these pants?! 

New Look Zebra Print Rolled Sleeve Shirt - It's monochrome but it's loud, and that's exactly my cup of tea! After so long hiding away in plain black clothes, I'm looking to be more bold and jazzy whilst staying true to my alternative fashion roots. 

Have you spotted any must-have additions to your wardrobe lately? I'd love to see! 


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