Thursday, 7 December 2017

Blogmas #7 | Christmas Guinea Pig Cage Tour

Hey Spookies! You'll have seen in my haul post that Freddie and I might have gone a bit overboard with the Christmas treats for our furbabies, and decided to decorate their cages for Christmas. It's their first Christmas and we live to spoil them, so why not, eh? Here's a little tour of the piggie's cage, now it's all decorated and festive!

We've covered the whole cage in red fleece, as their usual fleece liners are blue with hearts. We thought the red would be a bit more festive, and would match the Christmas decorations a bit better! 

Over in the left corner is where their 'kitchen area' is. The idea is that this is where most of their hay goes, so whilst they're eating (which is most of the time), they'll pee on the bedding so the fleece stays fresher for longer. We've swapped our usual 'confetti' coloured Carefresh for white, and put their blue pigloo on there to make a little wintery scene. We also have a snuggle tunnel over here, which helps Orwell feel safe enough to stand and drink at the water bottle, knowing there's a place to bolt right away!

In the middle area of their cage is where their food bowls live, one of which is now Christmassy too. The big one is for veg and the smaller one is for their pellets. We've swapped their purple plastic 'snuffle pit' for this red felt basket filled with hay to snuffle and forage in. Here is also where you'll find lots of chew toys, a 'wacky wobbler' and Christmas tree chewable decorations. I popped a gingerbread man treat in too, which they've demolished already! 

In the right corner is their new 'Snuggle Stocking'! Isn't it precious?! They love cosy hideaways and this one is just perfect for the festive season. It's made of soft fleece and is just adorable. They spend a lot of time napping in here. Awww! Over here you'll also find a cute bell ball toy, another wacky wobbler, and a very well loved chewable ball toy too. 

On this side is where their other pigloo goes too - they're bad at sharing so there's plenty of hidey-holes and 3 water bottles available. This still doesn't stop them wanting whatever the other has! Sigh. We've also put Christmas lights along the top of their cage (out of reach of their chewing!), which just looks so cute!

Hope you think this is as cute as I do! What have you done to get your critters feeling festive? Animals and Christmas are two of my favourite things, so combining them is something I always want to see! Tomorrow I'll be posting a tour of the rat's cage - I hope you love that too!


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