Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas #4 | Ultimate Artist Guide

Hey Spookies! Supporting artists is something you should do all year, but Christmas is definitely a good time to start! I find art to be a really meaningful gift, as it's something the person will see and think of you always, and can be personalised to make it even more special. Here's a roundup of some of my favourite artists to support this festive season! All of the images used in this post are property of the artists and were found on their shop pages/social media pages. Links to the artists are provided. 

Dorkface // I've purchased from the amazing Jemma at Dorkface a couple of times, and as a dear friend of mine, she gifted me an amazing print of a piece she made inspired by me (I inspired an artist? Wow!). Her art is so amazing, and her use of colour is simple divine. If you're looking to give someone a magical sparkle of colour, then Dorkface is the place to go.

Hattie The Pirate Designs // Hattie's art is full of warmth and whimsy. Her adorable illustrations range from the witty and quirky to the cosy and heartwarming. I believe her legendary dinosaur-themed Christmas cards will be available again soon (if they're not already!), so pop over to her Etsy and check out her unusual offerings.

Almost Framous // My amazing sister-in-law makes these gorgeous personalised scrabble-art pieces, and they make such a perfect gift. Not only does she make beautiful art pieces; she also makes personalised photo frames, cards, coasters, keyrings and more - all made with scrabble letters and a lot of love. She even makes gorgeous personalised Christmas decorations. Her work is perfect for the person in your life who has everything.

Ellie Trussell Illustrations // Ellie's art blows my mind. Truly. I've watched her art bloom since we were both 16, and her skills grow day-by-day. I've been lucky enough to be gifted multiple pieces by Ellie, and commisioned her to draw my parents' wedding anniversary gift. From personalised commissions to fanart to original characters, Ellie makes a masterpiece of anything she puts her mind to. Her art style is just gorgeous and I would 100% reccommend commissioning her.

My Fair Pixel // Inspired by the witchy and celestial, Kelly's art is truly otherworldly. Her style is wonderfully clean and bright, and her pieces all have an uplifting feel to them. My Fair Pixel is perfect for those who love the zodic, crystals, and all things witchy in life. She's also creating her own oracle deck, so keep your eyes peeled as it looks like it's going to be absolutely beautiful.

Liselle Fae Art // Liselle's portraits of wildlife and pets are nothing short of masterpieces. Her amazing work with watercolours and use of colour render me quite literally speechless. Liselle sells prints, originals, and also does custom commissions. Her work is perfect for the animal lover in your life, and is definitely something that would be cherished forever.

Ben Cameron // Ben's work is adorable! You may have seen his heartbreaking 'Tragidoodles' pieces before, which we turned into a book, but he also makes beautiful prints and pin badges of more cutesy, less distressing subject matter. He's also launching a pin badge subscription service for the new year! Who knew someone could create both the most heartbreaking and heartwarming art pieces you've ever seen?

A Tiny Mew // Tore is a tattoo apprentice who makes stunning art pieces inspired by tattoo art. You think Darth Vader with sparkles and flowers couldn't possibly work? She makes it work! I personally adore the way she draws flowers and foliage, and think her work is simultanesouly both feminine and edgy for a totally badass effect.

Mr Crypt // Mr Crypt's work is ideal for any lovers of the macabre. He sells a brilliant array of items, including painted violins and ukeleles, streetwear, mugs, and even a 'crypt cube' - his own version of a rubick's cube. His work is delightfully dark and takes a diverse range of inspirations, such as music, tattooing, and veganism, making his pieces truly one of a kind.

Hopefully you'll check out and support some of these brilliant artists and their wonderfully hard work. If you've got any recommendations of artists to check out, I'd absolutely love to see them!


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