Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blogmas #2 | Christmas Pet Haul

Hey Spookies! The one set of Christmas shoppping we've got polished off is for our beloved furbabies. They've got advent calendars, Christmas decorations for their cage, gifts, the whole shabang. Spoiling them makes Freddie and I really happy, and seeing them enjoying new toys and treats is such a delight, so even if it seems OTT, it's totally worth it!

Pets at Home

Advent Calendar // We had to buy four of these. Yep. Four whole advent calendars. Unfortunately if any of them get wind the other has a treat and they don't, chaos ensues, and we don't want anyone falling out. They all have their own and everyone is happy. 

Gingerbread Man Treat // We got two of these, one for the piggies, and one for the ratties. These kind of treats take a long time to get through, so these are something that should last all the way up to Christmas if we limit how much they have in one go (which we will!). They're so cute now, but I can't imagine they'll keep their cute shape for long!

Christmas Tree Chews // The vertical one is for the rats, and the garland is for the piggies. They're adorable chewable wood decorations, and make their little palaces look adorable and festive. The rats especially love gnawing on anything like this (RIP wooden caterpillar chew, you lasted less than an hour) so this is a perfect addition to their home. Keeping rat and guinea pig teeth healthy is so important and these are a perfectly Christmassy way to do it. 

Rotastak Small Animal Stocking // This is for the ratties! It has some yummy treats that I have no doubt they'll love, like rat-friendly chocolate drops and fruity treats. They love everything sweet so they'll be thrilled to see Santa has left this for them. However, Santa will definitely be rationing these out or we'd have some very unhealthy rats on our hands!

Herb and Hay Forage Box // This one is for the guinea pigs! The stocking suitable for guinea pigs available wasn't that great, and we didn't think they'd enjoy it as much as they'd like this, so we went with this. They love getting stuck in rooting around anything edible, so I'm sure they'll have fun chomping their way through this on Christmas Day!

Ziggy's Piggies

Snuggle Stocking // Well, our fleece cage liners and bottle drip pads are all from Ziggy's Piggies, as was our Snuggle Sack, which the boys loved until it got a bit too worn. They'll definitely enjoy having a soft Christmas stocking to cuddle up in during the winter months, and gosh is it cute to look at! Unfortunately this hasn't yet arrived so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas cage tour posts! 

RatPadHammocks / Etsy

Christmas Rat Hammock // Our little princesses love cosying up on soft hammocks, so we knew getting a Christmassy one was an absolute must. This one is just perfect, and I can not wait to put it up for them! Like the Snuggle Stocking, this is made to order, and hasn't yet arrived, but will be featured in a festive cage tour post! 


Christmas Pudding Cat Toy // Okay, these were made for cats, but we saw them on the way out of Lydia and Wednesday's check-up at the vet and simply couldn't resist them! We got one each for the piggies and the rats, and they have fun batting it around their cages and gnawing at them. At 2 for 90p, they were a steal and look so precious! 

Home Bargains

Christmas Food Bowls // I love these so much! Again, not designed with tiny critters in mind, but are ideal for the guinea pig's veggies! It's a bit big for the rats so we'll probably only use theirs on Christmas day when they get some extra treats. Punny, adorable, and a bargain. What more could you need?


Red Felt Hamper Basket // I spotted these in Wilko and a nifty idea struck me. The rats and guinea pigs don't really chew material, so the guinea piggies can have one as a festive hay holder, and the ratties have one as an extra cosy bed! At £1 each, they were a steal and a perfect way to make their little homes as festive as possible. 

Red Fleece Throw // We use fleece cage liners for the piggies, as I mentioned earlier. As we're on a budget and didn't want to order entire new custom cage liners just for Christmas, we picked out cheap red fleece throws to put over our existing cage liners for a quick Christmas decor solution. They really help bring the Christmas cage theming together! 


CareFresh // We use this all the time for the 'kitchen' area of the guinea pig cage (the idea being when they sit there to eat, they pee there, keeping the fleece cleaner for longer), and the base of the rat cage. Usually we go for the confetti colour because it's lovely and bright, but this time we picked white to make their homes look that little bit more wintery. 


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