Monday, 11 December 2017

Blogmas #11 | Vegan Christmas Food Guide

Hey Spookies! This is my second vegan Christmas, so I'm very excited to carry on trying vegan Christmas foods to see what my favourites are! I was a little bit nervous about my first Christmas as a vegan, so for any other first-Christmas vegans, here's a big ol' post of vegan food - either tried and tested or bought for this Christmas!

Christmas Dinner

Linda McCartney Roast // I personally don't fancy something beef-style on Christmas Day, but Freddie insisted we try this out then keep a couple in the freezer in case something goes terribly wrong and we need a back up. We had one this weekend, and it is absolutely delicious. The glaze is divine!

VBites Turkey Style Roast // This is my favourite roast for Christmas Day! We had this last year, and I adored it so much. We're going to buy an extra one so we can have some on Boxing Day too! 

VBites Sausage and Bacon Style Wraps // These are delicious. We had these last year, and they're on our shopping list again for this year! Yummy. 

Tofurkey Roast // We tried this one last year too, but it wasn't our favourite so it's not one we're buying again. It's a little dry, so unless you're a massive gravy lover, it's not that nice. It does have a little pocket of stuffing in the middle, which is nice. 

Party Food

VBites Party Pack // We got this last year, as we had a little Christmas party with my family on Boxing Day. They've slightly changed the content for this year, but I'm so glad they've kept the tiny quiches in. They were my favourite! This is perfect as it's a vegan party buffet in a box. One purchase and you're sorted. Boom.

VBites Cheezly and Cranberry Bites // We got these last year and again this year. They're deliciously more-ish and make a great addition to your vegan party nibbles!

Linda McCartney Wellington Bites // Freddie and I have these quite often because we like them so much! They'd be a perfect addition to a party buffet. They taste lovely and rich, so are good for feelin' fancy.

Violife Cheese Platter // This one isn't entirely tried and tested, but we've had loads of different Violife cheeses and loved them all. We're thinking about buying this for this Christmas as it does sound lovely, especially the cranberry cheese. 

Sweet Treats

Fabulous Free-From Factory Dairy Free Fudgee Bites // We've bought these for this year. They look delicious but Freddie won't let me sneak a taste of one. Gutted. I'll let you know how nice they are as soon as I've managed to pinch one! 

Moo-Free Chocolate Selection Box // These were bought from Aldi (where they're much cheaper than Holland and Barrett) and I ate them instead of keeping them for Christmas. Oops. They're lovely, and have an orange chocolate, mint chocolate, milk chocolate, and chocolate buttons - all vegan! It's delicious and a great way to not miss out on something most people have at Christmas! 

Free-from Christmas Pudding // I hate Christmas pudding. This is one of Freddie's purchases for Christmas Day. I'll let you know what he thinks but I'm guaranteed to find it gross. 

Salted Caramel Ice Cream // This is my favourite vegan ice-cream. It's just delicious in every way. trust me on this one. 

Katjes Magic Candy Factory // I spotted these in John Lewis whilst out shopping with my mum, and we tried all of the different flavours on the tester. I have a feeling Santa may be leaving one of these in Freddie's stocking. The coolest thing is, they're free-from most allergens and you can have your own image freakin' 3D printed as candy! Who wouldn't want that?!

These are by far not the only options available if you're vegan. There are so many things that it would be impossible to list them all so I've kept to the bits we've bought! If you need any help finding the vegan Christmas treats that are just right for you, don't hesistate to ask. What do you love eating at Christmas? Let me know!

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