Monday, 31 July 2017

Brewdog Liverpool Review

Hey Spookies! I’m back with another food review, to hopefully make the quest for good vegan food easier. I’ve tried out Brewdog twice now, and honestly didn’t have that great of an experience either time, unfortunately.

Brewdog isn’t short of controversy, from their roadkill taxidermy bottles to their behaviour towards small businesses, and I get the feeling that their 'ethos' and 'vibe' is nothing more than a shallow marketing ploy, so I’m not too disappointed and wasn’t that keen to be a regular customer anyway.

Both times I’ve tried Brewdog, I’ve ordered in rather than visited the restaurant. I must say, their Liverpool staff are incredibly helpful if you call them to ask allergen questions before ordering, and are knowledgeable and considerate. Both times I’ve ordered, I called beforehand to check allergen information (I have a nut allergy), and both times they have been brilliant. They’ve always made the food promptly and had it out for delivery within a reasonable timeframe. I couldn’t fault their service.

The food, however, has been disappointing. The first time we ordered, we ordered their vegan hot dog, which I believe was from an older menu, although ‘Soy Division’, a similar option, is now available. I paid around £8 for the hotdog, and an additional £3 for fries. I’m basing this on memory and the current menu prices, so I may be a little bit out with the pricing. My point is, that it was very expensive for very little. The fries were a generous portion, but the hotdog was, although delicious, absolutely tiny. I was still hungry after I’d finished it, and for the expense, I’d expect a little more than a kid’s portion.

Regardless, Freddie and I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try ordering again now that their menu is slightly different. We ordered the ‘Hail Seitan’, a seitan burger, plus fries, and honestly it was the worst burger I’ve ever eaten. Getting it out of the box it arrived in was a struggle enough, as it was so soggy that the bottom half of the bun was totally saturated, so your fingers ripped through it no matter how you held the burger. The burger was absolutely huge, but eating it was a challenge as with every bite, water squirted out of it down your hands, the back of your throat, and down your face. I’m so glad I was eating it at home and not in the restaurant! It tasted of literally nothing, and the soggy texture was incredibly unpleasant.

The chutney was delicious, but not exactly evenly distributed, so occasionally you got a mouthful that tasted of something, at least. The ‘crispy kale’ had also succumbed to the sogginess, and was soaked into the bun in a few limp strands, and there definitely wasn’t any hummus. The whole thing was so gross I couldn’t finish it, and was left pretty disappointed. It’s not often Freddie and I can afford to treat ourselves, so for it to be so icky was definitely a bummer.

I won’t be ordering from Brewdog again. Unfortunately lovely staff can’t redeem bad food, and there are so many way better and more affordable vegan options in Liverpool that I’d rather give my custom to. Have you had good experiences with Brewdog? What’s your favourite place to go for vegan food?



  1. Theres a place by mine that does loads of vegan chinese dishes with tofu and its legit incredible! They do dishes labeled 'mock chicken' too, but I want to phone up and make sure its vegan before I order. I was going to give brew dog a try sometime but looks like I'll be leaving it now!

    1. That sounds amazing! <3 Yeah, it's definitely not worth it! xxx