Monday, 24 July 2017

99 Days Until Halloween

Hey Spookies! It's finally less than 100 days until Halloween, so naturally, I'm excited already! I spend most of the year daydreaming about the most magical time of year, especially over the dreaded summer months, so knowing it's finally drawing nearer has me desperate for the month of spookiness to finally arrive. But what's so great about Halloween? I could go on all day, but I won't, don't worry!

L-R The World Atlas of Mysteries by Francis Hitching, The Napkin Art of Tim Burton, Encylopedia of the Unexplained ed. Richard Cavendish, 100 Ghosts by Dodgie Horner

1. Films //
Be it a spooky favourite like Hocus Pocus or a completely terrifying horror film, it's nice to have company watching whilst everyone is in the spirit. Watching horror films with friends is so much more fun than watching alone. Weirdly I think it's scarier when more people are they to create an atmosphere than when you're alone!

2. Sweets //
Halloween themed sweets and snacks are just the best! Unfortuantely not many in shops are vegan, but Freddie and I love to make our own! It's the one time of year it's acceptable to have a spooky diet, so I seize the opportunity with both hands. Or my mouth, I guess. 

3. Halloween Ranges //
Halloween stuff in shops! Being able to find gothic clothing in high-street retailers for a month every year is just wonderful. Ditto for homewares. I spend way more than I should in October on creepy clothing and home bits. That said, more budget shops have great Halloween stuff in which is a lot more long-lasting than you'd expect. 

4. The Halloween Spirit //
Pun intended! Finally having friends in the mood to indulge your interests is great. Whacking on a horror film, telling spooky stories, getting those gothy #squadgoals pictures, the possibilities are endless once everyone is feeling as spooky as you have been all year. A goth pal is for life, not just Halloween. 

5. Colours //
Okay, all year round I wear black, so here I'm talking the other Halloweeny, autumnal colours. Leafy oranges, witchy purples, zombieish greens, blood reds. I love them all. Especially the oranges - I love soft oranges, just not to wear. It's such a warm, cosy colour. And at Halloween, it's everywhere.

6. Pumpkin Everything //
Pumpkins are cute as hell. Undeniably. Even the ones carved to be scary. I love their little pumpkin grins. I also thought until last year that I hated the taste of pumpkin, but as it turns out, a vegan pumpkin grilled cheese tastes bloody brilliant. The smell of pumpkin is just the best too. Pumpkin decorations, pumpkin food, pumpkin candles. I love it all. 

7. Parties //
Halloween parties are the best kind of party. Everyone gets to be a bit childish, dress up, and have a laugh. Halloween playlists blend amazing music with the cheesiest songs, making for a brilliant atmosphere. Halloween parties are just so bloody good!

8. Haunted Houses //
Halloween is the time of year where finally haunted houses and spooky events are happening. Haunted houses with actors are so fun, and I've been hooked since I was a kid. Spooky historical tours of old buildings are brilliant too. Even cooler, some haunted houses raise money for charity, so if you're planning on getting your scream on this Halloween, look for one that does that! 

9. Darker Nights //
Darker nights and cooler weather might be one of my favourite things about autumn. It just feels so magical and the air feels lovely and crisp and clean and arriving home to get cosy is just wonderful.

10. Games //
I'm a sucker for traditional Halloween games like apple bobbing, mystery bowls (you know, dunking your hands into gross textured stuff blindfolded?), telling scary stories. Getting to play these and be a bit giddy with friends is such a highlight of Halloween.

What's your favourite time of year and why? I'd love to hear about it!


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