Sunday, 9 April 2017

Welcome Oberst!

Hello Spookies! For this post I'm going to let Oberst take the wheel and introduce himself! 

(this is me on my first day in my new home!)

Hi, my name is Oberst. You're welcome to call me Obie though, My new mum and dad say I'm named after a musician called Conor Oberst. They played me some of his music and he's pretty cool. Anyway, I got adopted by them a week ago and I want to tell you all about my story.

I can't remember when I was a baby, but it isn't likely that I was born anywhere nice. From there, I was taken to a horrible pet shop. They put me in a tiny cage with too many other guinea pigs and they'd all fight because we didn't have enough space. I'm shy and small and the other guinea pigs bit me so hard I still have scabs on my back. 

(I love my blanket!)

From there, a girl bought me. The silly pet shop owner was ignorant and told her I'd be a great friend for a big rabbit. He was wrong and only wanted to make money by selling me. She took me home and she loved me but her rabbit's idea of playing was scary to me and I was frightened. She had to put me in a small box to keep me safe from her bunny whilst she found me a new home. 

That's where my new mum and dad come in! They wanted to take care of me so badly, and they were lucky enough to have a really lovely friend who gave them a spare cage and bits to help my new parents set up a home for me! I'm so thankful that they got help and that they sorted out a home for me so quickly. That's where I live now and I'm so grateful. 

(Look at me celebrating a week in my new home!)

I love cuddles, blankets, and my play tunnel. My favourite foods are spinach, brocolli, and banana so far but I'm excited to try lots of new things too. Mum and dad are going to make my set up even bigger soon so they can get me a friend and I'm so excited! I hope he's a nice roommate and has different favourite foods to me, hehe! 

Mum said she might do a blog post soon about why adopting instead of buying from breeders and pet shops is important soon!

Squeaks and kisses,

Oberst xxx


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