Tuesday, 20 December 2016

But Why Is The Hair Gone?

Hey Spookies! You may or may not have noticed I've chopped a whole lot of my hair off and dyed it dark. I love it, which is handy. Everyone else has told me they love it, which my ego is enjoying, of course. 'But why did you do it?!'. 

y'all are probably sick of seeing this selfie but I don't care - check that highlight though

I'd not been shy of dramatic hair changes as a teenager, and loved nothing more than experimenting with colours and styles. Eventually, I even went from shoulder length hair to having most of it shaved off and the top short to restore it to a natural and healthy state. Five years of growing it long and to my natural colour, and I finally understood why some people are so attached to their hair. 

My hair was longer than it had ever been since I was about 11, and I'd learned to love my natural colour. I liked how it looked, but I couldn't manage it at all. I didn't know how to style it, felt like I looked like a ridiculous egg with it tied up, and it didn't make me feel special anymore. It had reached a point where the natural knottiness combined with my back problems had meant Freddie was helping me comb it (read: coating it in coconut oil and ripping through it with a tangle teezer and comb for an hour in a painful attempt to get some of the tangles out) more and more often as it got longer, and having long hair had become a ridiculous chore.

So obviously, I decided to chop it off (well, I got my lovely hairdresser to do it). It was a hard decision because I'd become so attached to it, but at the end of the day, it's just hair. I was absolutely ready for a change, ready for a confidence boost, and in that cliché way, I chopped away the horror of 2016. 2016 and I are having a dramatic breakup, so that drastic haircut had to happen. I'm glad I let go of my fixation with long hair. I'm glad I've made a change to make my life easier. I'm glad I feel more sparkly when I look in the mirror. 

Even if I do have the same hair as Lord Farquaad. 


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