Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blogtober #2 // Viva La Vegan

Hello Spookies! A wee while ago, Freddie and I went to a vegan festival in Liverpool run by the brilliant Viva! and of course, it was jam-packed with amazing vegan brands, from food to clothes to beauty products. Among the many gems was a brand called Viva La Vegan who sell some really fabulous vegan-themed clothes.

At the time, I didn't buy anything because I was really undecided about what I wanted from the fair, plus I didn't have enough money on me anyway. However, I felt really drawn to a particular hoodie of theirs - the 'Circus of Suffering' hoodie. This is an issue dear to my heart, which I, as a 12 year old new veggie and animal rights activist in the making, did extensive research on and did two speeches on for school assessments. I made other students cry both times. I think the memory of my first foray into activism may have been what drew me to the hoodie in the first place. 

I don't actually think animal circuses are a huge issue within the UK, but it may just be the area I live in. In 2014, a circus that used animals arrived near my hometown and was met by furious, persistent protests and media coverage. At that moment in time, it was one of only two UK circuses using live animals. That's still two too many, and it's still perfectly legal, which needs to change. 

Anyway, less of the heavy stuff and more about the hoodie! It arrived 3 days after ordering, which was fabulous for free shippin'. It came wrapped in the cutest paper covered in adorable yet important slogans and information about recycling, sealed with a sticker of the super sweet Viva La Vegan logo. However, one of the grooviest things about the hoodie was that it came with two hoodie strings in it, a black one and white one! You just remove the one you don't want (or yanno, keep both, if that's your thing).

I bought it in large because I wanted a big, comfy, zip-up hoodie to wear to university, and this did not disappoint. The material is just so soft. I bought it in a size Large so the size is just perfectly snuggly too. The front has their logo on, which I just love. The back features an amazing thought-provoking design of animals as sad clowns surrounded by the message 'Circus of Suffering - Exploitation Not Entertainment' which is something I am totally behind. Usually I'm all about positive expressions of veganism, for example I personally wouldn't go for the 'No Blood on My Hands' designs Viva La Vegan offer (but if you would, that's cool, I just have different taste!), Something about this hoodie just drew me in.

I'm so happy with this hoodie and I'm sure it'll serve me well on my commutes this autumn, and I'll probably but from Viva La Vegan again. They were super friendly at the Viva! fair too, which is nice. I love knowing a brand is run by friendly people, even when I'm ordering online - it makes a big difference! Do you have any cool vegan clothes? I want to see!



  1. This hoodie is beautiful! I want one myself now so bad! 💋💕

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

    1. You should get one! It's so comfortable too! xxx