Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What's in My Bag? // First Day of Master's

Hello Spookies! Just in case you missed all of my rambling on Twitter, I got accepted onto my Masters course and I am so excited to start lectures! My first day was yesterday and it was my induction day. Well, a mini version of the induction day as I didn't get my place confirmed until after the main one had happened. However, this was a blessing as instead of a terrifying lecture hall of 50+ people, I got a chilled-out classroom of 8. Phew! But what did I take with me, eh?

The bag I used was this beautiful Lulu Guinness bag which was a gift for my 21st. My parents searched high and low to find a Lulu Guinness bag which is made of faux leather as I absolutely adore her designs. I'd say Lulu Guinness is one of my favourite designers, but the majority of her bags are made of leather or have leather components so are a no-go for me. This is one of my favourite bags but I won't be taking it every day to university as it won't fit an A4 notepad which I'm going to need for lectures. Plus I don't want it lost or damaged!

The first thing in my bag was, as always, my iPod, headphones, and phone. My commute to university is around 45 minutes on the train plus a little bit of walking at each end so doing that musicless would be horrifying. I'm dreading the day my iPod breaks because the iPod classic is discontinued and I am so very attached to it. My phone is a pretty obvious choice. My phone is the Sony Xperia X in Rose Gold and I'd definitely recommend it. I listened to The Cure for most of the journey, if you were wondering.

The next thing that went in was my purse and keys, which are pretty important. My purse is looking a bit disheveled now so I may have to replace it soon but it's just so cute. It's Hello Kitty and it's pink and I love it.

One of the favourite things I took with me were my notepad and pen. This Ted Baker notepad is just so very beautiful and I love everything about it, from the inscriptions to the pattern to the way the pages are different shades of pink and purple. It's a dream for a stationery lover like myself. Both the notepad and this gorgeous pen were graduation gifts from my parents. The pen has real rough-emeralds inside, my birthstone, and I love it so much.

Next in was my hairbrush and umbrella. My hairbush is a Lulu Guiness Tangle Teezer, and I could not recommend Tangle Teezers more. I use both Tangle Teezers and Tangle Angels for my ridiculously knotty hair and they're amazing. This Lulu Guiness one came with a protector for the bristles so you can put in in your handbag without damaging but it's gone AWOL during me moving flat. I'm hoping it turns up soon. My umbrella is actually a Winnie the Pooh one I borrowed from my mum after my last one broke (it was a lovely Ted Baker one too, argh) but I don't like it that much so I'm probably going to swap it soon.

Some very important bits that got popped in were my train tickets, railcard, and passport. My passport is my ID because I don't have a provisional driving licence yet. If I get one, my parents will make me start driving lessons and I'm terrified. So there we go. I thought I might need proof of ID to collect my university ID card and complete enrollment. My passport lives in an adorable little cover with a plane on it which I've used for a really long time. Railcard and train tickets are pretty self-explanatory. I book my tickets in advance otherwise they're quite expensive.

The most important thing in my bag, however, is my Epi-Pens. Until I got these I literally had no idea what they looked like so I thought it'd be kinda cool to show them. Once you take them out of the cardboard packaging (but keep the boxes because sometimes airlines want to see the sticker with your name on), they have their own plastic cases, and inside are instructions and the auto-injector itself. They're not hard to use so if someone is having an anaphylaxic reaction and needs your help to use it, do not panic. But do call an ambulance too. Yay, this blog post has a moral to it now. Groovy.

The last things to go in my  bag were given to me at university and these are my ID card, lanyard, and course handbook. The ID card and lanyard will come with me every time I go to university, but my handbook will live at home from now. I love my lanyard because it makes me feel like a fancy science boffin. Naturally, I'm not a fan of my picture but hey-ho.

As a side note, sorry for the pictures being a bit crap and inconsistent - I borrowed Freddie's fancy new camera and had no idea how to use it. What can't you go to university without? Let me know!

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