Monday, 7 December 2015

The Stress Incident // An Anecdote

Hello Spookies! This weekend was meant to be a super fun weekend, or so I thought. I was indeed, very wrong. I'd had such a stressful week with university work and was planning on going to The Clothes Show in Birmingham on Saturday, and to the Just Bella Fashion and Beauty Event in Liverpool on Sunday. I was really jazzed about going to these events and happy that I'd have really fun stuff to blog about, although a little nervous about going to Birmingham and back alone.

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By the end of the week, I was really over-tired and over-stressed about university and 1001 other things, horribly hormonal, and really not myself at all. The nervousness about travelling just kept growing until I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to it much at all. The night before, I got absolutely no sleep, and when I finally did get to sleep, I was awoken at 1am by a withheld number calling me (thanks, asshole). I then woke up again feeling full of cold and rather crappy at 4am, and was still awake at 5am when my alarm went off to get ready. By this point, I felt really, truly, terrible. So I started getting ready, determined to go and have a good time. Then I started crying and couldn't stop and felt really stupid. Fab.

I'm not sure why I didn't give up at this point, but I was really insistent on trying. So I walked to the train station in dreadful wind and rain - an umbrella was futile. By the time I reached the station, my feet and hair were soaked and my makeup was a mess and I was again, crying (you may be noticing a theme here) and still feeling awful. So I went into the train bathroom and fixed my makeup, bought a ticket to Liverpool, and got on the train. Again, I ask myself, why didn't I go home?

As soon as I got on the train, I became increasingly horrified at the idea of being stuck in Birmingham if I started feeling worse, as I'd have to wait for the train I'd booked to get home, and started feeling even more horrible, if that was possible. So you guessed it, I cried some more, and got so worked up and panicked that I was sick. In my mouth. In front of other commuters. Not my finest hour, really.

So I finally gave up and got off the train and turned back to go home. I rang Freddie to come and meet me at the train station then rang my mum and had a good moan and a cry, then spent Saturday in bed, doing odd bits of work, painting my nails, watching YouTube videos, napping and drinking a lot of hot chocolate. When Sunday came, I still wasn't feeling myself at all, so decided to stay home again and have another day of rest. Even though I felt really guilty and like I was letting other people down and being a baby, I know deep down I made the right decision so that I could get back on my feet again and carry on doing what I need to do.

The moral of the story is that it's important to look after yourself, and forcing yourself into things you're not well enough to do isn't a good idea. Sometimes you just have to say no and take time to help yourself feel better. Don't leave self-care until you're being sick on a train. It's not nearly as fun as it sounds!


  1. Aww sweetheart, I wish I could give you a massive hug! Self-care is so important, it's just a shame we have to learn the hard way.

    Sarah | <3

    1. Aww thankyou! It is indeed - it's hard to remember to make time when there's just so much to do! :(

      Kiah x

  2. I hope you're feeling better *sending big huggggs*

    I know how stressful uni can be, especially with the dreaded dissertation! Try to plan to do some self care each day, even if it's just for half an hour, don't do anything uni related and take some time to relax :) I wish I would have done this in my final year.

    1. Thank you so much lovely! It's so hard, and I have a proper job this year which I didn't in 1st and 2nd year so there's a lot more to balance! I've vowed to do just that! xxx