Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

Hello Spookies! The festive season is definitely a time for traditions. Be it with family or friends, traditions seem to just happen over time and it seems everyone has their own unique ways of celebrating, aside from the usual stockings and advent calendars and all. I love hearing about other people's little routines and traditions at Christmas so I thought I'd share a few, but not all, of mine!

a fuzzy ol' picture


We have a beautiful bell bauble which was bought when my uncle was born, so is now 61 years old. This one is always always the last bauble to go on our tree when we decorate it. We also have an adorable little ballerina fairy who only has one wing and she's usually second to last to be put on there. Now I'm at university, I always come home to decorate the tree!

We also had lots of little traditions from when my brother and I were little that we've grown out of now, but I'd like to keep them to myself partly because they're personal and also because I'm not sure if my memory has them quite right! 


Every year we go to the ice festival in Chavasse Park in Liverpool One and go ice skating together, see what else looks fun at the ice festival. We usually end up getting crepes. 

We also usually set aside a day where we have a 'pretend Christmas' together because we don't get to see each other on Christmas day itself. We make a veggie Christmas dinner and give each other our gifts and have a very cutesy day. D'awwww.

The Gang

Nope, I don't have a double life as part of a gang - it's just the collective name I seem to have developed for my closest group of friends. Every year we do a Secret Santa with a small price limit and spend a day together having festive shenanigans, or better still, a sleepover where we give gifts, watch movies, and eat a whole lotta junk food.

What are your Christmas traditions? I'd love to hear about them! 



  1. Your traditions sound lovely, I enjoyed reading about them a lot.
    I think it's so cute that you and your friends get together to exchange gifts and have a Christmassy day, that's what Christmas is all about I feel! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. It is lovely, we try to do it every year! ^_^ It's especially important this year as a couple of us have had rough times this year so it'll be really nice to just relax and be happy!

      Kiah x