Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lush Spa Goody Bag

Hello Spookies! You may have noticed (due to me refusing to shut up about it) that I was lucky enough to win a treatment at the Lush Spa in Liverpool. I chose to have The Sound Bath treatment, and it was ah-ma-zing. You can read all about the experience here. That post does contain spoilers and photos about The Lush Spa, and I know some people love the mystery around it, so you have been warned! This post however, is Spa spoiler free! They were super kind and generous and gave me a wonderful goody bag after my treatment, packed with exciting products which I'm thrilled about!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

Hello Spookies! The festive season is definitely a time for traditions. Be it with family or friends, traditions seem to just happen over time and it seems everyone has their own unique ways of celebrating, aside from the usual stockings and advent calendars and all. I love hearing about other people's little routines and traditions at Christmas so I thought I'd share a few, but not all, of mine!

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Monday, 7 December 2015

The Stress Incident // An Anecdote

Hello Spookies! This weekend was meant to be a super fun weekend, or so I thought. I was indeed, very wrong. I'd had such a stressful week with university work and was planning on going to The Clothes Show in Birmingham on Saturday, and to the Just Bella Fashion and Beauty Event in Liverpool on Sunday. I was really jazzed about going to these events and happy that I'd have really fun stuff to blog about, although a little nervous about going to Birmingham and back alone.

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Prairie Pizzazz Enchanted Box!

Hello Spookies! Apologies for not posting on Monday - university related stresses got the better of me and that has to take priority (as tempting as it is to only do the fun stuff in life!). My Prairie Pizzazz box from Prairie Charms arrived quite a while ago, honestly. My SD card went walkies after I'd taken all of the pictures and I ended up having to buy a new one and re-take lots of blog photos - quite the palaver! I absolutely adore everything in this fabulous box, so without further ado - here's what was inside!