Monday, 16 November 2015

A Very Festive Disney Haul

Hello spookies! On Friday night I went to the #OneBigTree Liverpool One Lights Switch on and had a whale of a time! It was really good fun and a truly lovely atmosphere and I really love the tree, even if it has divided opinions by being a bit non-traditional. Anyway, all of the shops were open late as part of the festivities so I couldn't not pay the Disney store a visit. I'm going to quickly apologise here for the not-my-best photos as I had a memory card emergency so had to take them quickly in kinda bad lighting, agh!

Mum and I have decided to switch up the theme of our Christmas tree this year to the more traditional green, gold, and red. Of course, if the tree has red on it then there'll definitely be some Liverpool Football Club elements, so Mum said I could put some Disney on there as I'm the only one in my family who isn't too fond of football. My parents kindly gave me some money to purchase the 6 piece set of The Nightmare Before Christmas baubles, but when I went into the Disney store, I decided the bigger, more detailed 'Sketchbook Decorations' were far nicer, and on 3-for-2, were definitely worth it. So what's in the box?

The first one I went for was the 'The Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Jack Decoration' as I really truly wanted some TNBC baubles as it's festive and one of my favourite films. The details on it are so lovely and I especially love that the wreath has an angry face. I'm so glad I managed to get this one as there were hardly any left!

I really wanted to get the other The Nightmare Before Christmas decoration too. If I remember correctly, it was a big pumpkin with Lock, Shock, and Barrel popping out. I didn't buy it in the end as it was a really heavy decoration and we always use a real tree so it wouldn't take the weight. This made choosing others really hard!

The next one I picked might actually be my favourite. It's just so cute and funny! It's the 'Beast in the Bathtub Sketchbook Decoration'. Just look at that grumpy little face! I love it. His hair-do, facial expression, overflowing bubbles, and the glittery details make this just delightful. I was trying to find ones that we'd all like as a family so this one was perfect because it's a sweet little reminder of when we went to see Beauty and the Beast in Edinburgh when I was little.

After that, I thought I'd follow the theme of Disney films we'd seen musicals of and go with a Simba but sadly there was only one Simba left and he was chipped so I had to choose again and it took me ages and ages! After much deliberation, I went with a fairly obvious choice and picked a Frozen decoration. There was only one Anna left but a fair few Olafs and so I picked him. He's lying on super sparkly sand with a cocktail and I think it's really fun and cute, and I know my family will like him too!

After that we had a wander around some other shops, and I bought something from Paperchase for the first time - I got a cute lil' postcard for myself and the other things I bought are a Christmas gift so I'm not mentioning them here! It was just a really nice time and I'm looking forward to doing more Christmas shopping in Liverpool. I'm really tempted to go back to the Disney store and maybe buy some more - I really like the peas from Toy Story 3 and the Wall-E and EVE decorations. Have you bought any decorations yet?

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  1. Those decorations are so pretty & adorable!

    My favourite is also Beast in the Bathtub :) he just looks so cute.

    I wish there was a disney store in my hometown!

    1. They are! He makes me smile whenever I see him haha :)
      Oh no, is your nearest one far away?

  2. Disney do such lovely decorations, and I love the gift boxes that are available for gifts, makes life much easier!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. They do! I can see myself buying more before Christmas! Exactly, they wrapped it up for me so they wouldn't get damaged on my way home which was lovely!xxx

    I have some Disney decorations from the 80s/90s that my mum kindly passed to me last yr that I just LOVE and I picked up the Villain baubles a few yrs other half is not amused in the slightest that our tree is completely Disney :p

    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

    1. Oh wow, do you have a blog post about them? I'd love to see them!
      Disney trees are the best kind though! xxx

  4. I love that beast decoration, it's so funny! It's also my fave Disney film :) I'm planning on buying the Tsum Tsum decorations for my tree but I haven't seen the peas from Toy Story?! These sound amazing haha x

    Georgina x