Friday, 2 October 2015

Unique Juices & Nutrition Launch Party

I was lucky enough to be invited by Chic PR to the launch party for Unique Juices & Nutrition - a new juice bar and nutrition restaurant in Liverpool. Of course I was very excited, as I adore lovely health food, even if I'm not the healthiest of eaters most of the time!

Unique Juices & Nutrition is run by Sarah Griffiths, a fitness model and body fitness athlete, who has lots of experience in nutrition and personal training. Not only do they provide amazing food and juices, but have a brilliant range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options - something which I think is so so important. Full nutritional information for everything is provided too, so you know exactly what you're eating. They also do deliveries of fresh prepared meals, which can be tailored to your personal goals, which is a really cool idea. They really go the extra mile to make sure everyone's needs are catered to, and even have a kid's section and protein cakes - how snazzy?!

Dress // Asos
Bag // Lulu Guinness
Shoes // Demonia

I ended up getting there a little early, as a bus would have made me late so I hopped in a taxi instead. When I arrived, not many people were there so I felt a little shy, but Lauren who owns Chic PR, and Phoebe from Chic PR (who had invited me) came and said hi right away. Phoebe and I chatted for quite a while about all sorts, which was lovely! I was offered some Prosecco, but as I don't drink, I got to try some amazing infused waters instead, which were served from gorgeous glass dispensers into adorable pinterest-worthy mason jars. There was a citrus one and a watermelon one, both of which were so delicious and refreshing. I wish I had the knack for making infused waters but all of mine turn out rubbish!


We got to try some gorgeous canapes, which were samples of some of the food available at Unique Juices & Nutrition (I think). The most mouth-wateringly tasty of them was this wonderful avocado and tomato toast. It sounds basic, but whatever was seasoning it made it taste even more fabulous! I then got chatting to Ella and Jess, and we stuck together for the rest of the night. We all tried a cupcake and it was definitely the consensus that the icing tasted gorgeous. I'm a bit of a cupcake connoisseur, and I definitely think that these were among the nicest cupcakes I've ever eaten.

Sarah then gave a speech, and talked about how her hard work had paid off, how the menu and meals worked, and talked us through the options before telling us about her plans for the future at Unique Juices & Nutrition. She's hoping to train students in personal training and nutrition, and is currently in discussions to get that set up, which is exciting! She was so passionate about her business and nutrition and health. 

Sarah, Ella, and I

It was really packed, which made taking photos a little difficult. I was having visions of bumping into someone and knocking canapes everywhere! We got to chat to some people and talk to Sarah for a tiny bit, but she was of course very busy and had a lot of people wanting to talk to her. I'm really glad I was invited and I'll definitely be popping in if I'm ever in the area, and taking some inspiration from the menu at home!

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  1. Such a great post Kiah! Sounded like a great day, the fruit infused water looks amazing!!!
    Sarah xox

    1. Thank you! It was great fun - and I need to figure out how to make infused water like that!
      Kiah xxx

  2. Absolutely love your outfit! Those shoes are bangin!
    Those waters look so refreshing too, I want to reach through my screen and grab myself a glass! Mmmm.

    Laura | elelibee

    1. Thank you! They were - I really wish I could make them that amazing! xxx