Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Sugary and Spooky Dorkface Shop Haul

When the amazing Jemma, who not only has a fabulous blog, but is also a truly brilliant person, opened her Etsy store, I was super excited. When she then filled it with gorgeous spooky and kawaii goodies, I could not resist buying a few lovely bits and bobs.

She posted everything out to me the following day so it arrived super quickly in this adorably decorated packaging which made me smile. I think added touches like that are really special, as they show the extra care a person has taken to make everything as wonderful as possible.

The first thing I picked were these super spooky little grave hair grips. They're so teeny and cute and I can't wait to wear them! I'm a Halloween-all-year kinda person so I'll definitely wear these a lot. Plus as someone who is useless at hairstyling, adding hair clips is an easy way to look a bit more snazzy without risk of disaster.

Continuing with the spooky theme, I couldn't resist this haunted house brooch. It's so cute and fun, and I actually ordered this separately, a few hours after my initial order, as I'd spotted it and couldn't not have it! It reminds me of The Addams Family, Frankenweenie, and every other brilliantly spooky film, and I love it. 

I also bought this amazing set of ultra-kawaii hair clips, which are all so sweet and adorable. My personal favourites are the mini strawberry with wings, the Hello Kitty rainbow, and the teensy purple cloud (which definitely reminds me of LSP!). If you know me, you know I'm a huge Hello Kitty fanatic, and a lover of all things cute, quirky, and whimsical, so this set had my name on it as soon as I spotted it.

The set also came with these sweet little earrings. I love mismatched earrings so I think these are just so delightful. Sadly, I don't actually have my ears pierced any more. I stretched one lobe, much to my parents horror, and when they eventually persuaded me to take it out, I ended up leaving my 'normal' side to close up too. Now I have one totally unpierced ear and one that won't fully close. Anyway, I'm planning to get my unstretched side re-pierced so these two cuties mark the start of my collection for when I can wear earrings again - woohoo!

I'd 1000000% recommend Jemma's Etsy shop as everything is just so quirky and cool, and there's definitely something for everyone. Plus you'll know you're buying from a genuinely lovely, hardworking person.

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