Monday, 26 October 2015

A Little Natter

Hello spookies! I thought I'd do a little chatty post tonight because I've been horribly busy with a never-ending to do list so haven't had much time for making a wonderfully planed-out post. This means you're stuck with my ramblings for tonight - lucky you!

Some lovely Boots/Superdrug bargains made a fab little cheer-up :-)

University is pretty intense now I'm in my final year. I've got tons of reading, assignments coming up, and dissertation work, along with sifting through endless MSc choices and applications. I've chosen what I'm doing my dissertation on, which is super exiting. I'm really glad I can merge one of my non-uni related passions into my dissertation and it's really starting to look like less of a nightmare and more of an amazing opportunity. Phew!

This weekend I'm having my amazing best friends over for a Halloween night in. We all met in the first week at college and even now we all have totally different lives, we still make time for each other which is so lovely. They're fab. I adore Halloween but I'm not much of a wild party-goer so it'll be lovely having a chilled evening in with some of the cheesier Halloween traditions. I'm really looking forward to this.

Excitingly, for the first time in a long time, I felt compelled to write. I used to love writing poetry and short stories as a child, which became embarrassingly emo as a teenager, and then I eventually just stopped. I tend to over-compare myself to others then decide I'm awful at things and quit, so I'm proud of myself for having a go again. And I haven't deleted it all yet, a miracle! Hopefully I'll actually finish this story and make it something I'm proud of.

So I'm just wading my way through this terrifying to-do list and keeping my eyes on Halloween where I can have a little relax before getting back to it all. How's your October going?

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