Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mini Haul // Yankee Candles

After watching Zoella do a candle haul recently, I was immediately gripped by candle-envy. Despite already having an unnecessarily large collection, I leapt right on to the Yankee Candle website to choose some autumn and Christmas winter candles. I'm actually pretty useless at describing smells though so bear with me here!

Honey Glow // I saw this one and couldn't resist. I love sweet smells so thought honey would be a perfect addition to my collection. It's got a lovely, warm smell. It's more soft and gentle than strong, so isn't sickly at all. I think this will be perfect for those cosy evenings with a few snacks, blankets, and a hot drink.

Candy Corn // I really, really wanted one of their Halloween candles, and opted for this one rather than Witches Brew as it was the sweeter of the two smells, and my goodness is this one sweet.This candle reminds me of walking into the giant sweet shops in Liverpool. It smells unbelievably sugary. Imagine the smell of a giant pick and mix, amplify that, and you're close to what this smells like. Thankfully, I adore anything ultra-sweet, and I think this will be really uplifting in the morning. I've actually never had candy corn before so I can't tell you if the scent is accurate, but if you're not a lover of sweets and candy, then this is not the candle for you. I think even I could only use this one in short bursts.

Salted Caramel // This one is by far my favourite out of this purchase. It's divine. It smells exactly like its name, and has me craving caramel everything. It's warm, inviting, and delicious. I definitely think I'll be buying another one of these before the year is over.

I'll give you a fair warning. I'm going to talk about Christmas now. In September. The horror. I get excited for Christmas way too early so of course I ended up buying these cute Christmassy candles a weeny bit in advance. I will save them until at least mid-November though. Promise.

Christmas Garland // This one smells wonderful. It smells like Christmas trees, which is by far the best Christmas smell in my opinion. This makes me think of the fun of decorating the tree along with the beautiful smell and glow that fills the room when it's up. It's a happy, fresh scent, made even more lively with some added fruitiness. This one has definitely got me excited to go home for Christmas.

Candy Cane Lane // Another cavity-inducing sweet scent is this Candy Cane Lane. It smells of all the sweets you end up devouring at Christmas (I can't be the only person with no self control over the festive period), and is sugary, fun, and makes me think of those huge window displays in American-Christmas-film shops. It's a little similar to Candy Corn but a bit more gentle. Waiting until nearer Christmas to burn this is going to be hard!

Hope this helped if you're trying to choose candles, or if you just wanted a nose! Get it? Nose. I'm sorry. I'd like to add that I ordered this with standard delivery and it still arrived next day, which was pretty impressive and a lovely surprise. What are your favourite snuggly scents for autumn and winter?

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  1. I adored this post and I adore candles! The Yankee votives are such good value and last a really long time, need to pick some up. I'm like you and also LOVE the sweet foodie scents, they make my heart (and nose) very happy. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Eeep, thank you! They're my favourite ones because you can try lots of new scents and I have a lot of cute holders for them :) Yay! Most people I know hate the sweet ones haha xx

  2. omg salted caramel is my favourite flavour of everything! Seriously obsessed. Definitely have to pick that one up as soon as possible (and buy in bulk ofc!)

    Lottie xo

    1. Yesss! It smells amazing! It makes me want to eat endless caramel though haha xxx

  3. I love yankee candles but I haven't tried any of these ones!
    Charlotte //

    1. I'd recommend Salted Caramel and Christmas Garland the most from these! Which are your favourites? My go-to Yankee Candle is Vanilla Cupcake ^_^