Monday, 21 September 2015

10 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best

I absolutely love Autumn and Winter, and it's hard to choose which is my favourite. This post is all about the joys of Autumn though, so let's stick with that. What makes autumn so special?

Let's start with the best and most obvious one - Halloween! I love Halloween a huge amount. I love the costumes, the parties, the decorations, haunted houses, and everything else about it. When I have my own house and enough money I will definitely be decorating it like in an American Halloween movie every year. I really love Halloween-themed events, like haunted houses (both legitimate and acted) and ghost walks - the scarier the better! 

2. The Weather. 
Crunchy leaves, a chilly breeze, and rain on the windows. I'm definitely more of a cold-weather kind of person and really not built for the summer. I think the mild Autumn weather is so lovely to be out in, especially in the evenings when the air is crisp and invigorating.

3. Hot Drinks, and Lots of 'em.
Okay, okay. I know I just said I love the cold, but part of the joy of being cold is getting to duck inside for a little warmth. Nothing beats popping into a coffee shop and trying out their amazing Autumn menus. I've got to be honest, I'm not a coffee person, so I've never been keen on Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but the wonderful array of hot chocolates available are so so delicious. Curling up on the sofa with a DIY hot chocolate is pretty delightful too. 

4. The Excitement.
I feel like there is a general buzz of excitement during Autumn, and a slowly building atmosphere. There's always a feeling of change in the air as the shop fronts all change, the leaves drop, and the evenings get darker. 

5. Spooky Films.
I know I already mentioned Halloween but this definitely deserved a point of its own! Spooky films and horror films are amazing. I love the aesthetic and cheesy storylines of films like Hocus Pocus just as much as I love cowering behind a cushion watching something much more terrifying. Paranormal horror is by far my favourite, although I'm not sure my boyfriend agrees when I spend the next few hours refusing to enter a room unless he turns the lights on for me first! Whilst we're on the topic of spooky movies, we can't forget to mention The Nightmare Before Christmas - a classic, an amazing film, and something I have a rapidly growing collection of merchandise for.

6. Cosy Clothing.
I am all about warm, autumnal clothing. Who doesn't love knitwear, scarves, and boots? I'm a bit of a jumper fanatic and end up buying them at ridiculous times of year (like when I'm supposed to be buying summer clothes) but I just think they're comfy, warm, and easy to style. I know its not clothing but getting to wear deep purple and red lips is 100% a bonus. Autumn fashions are just fab. 

7. University Starting. 
A little bit of a nerdy one maybe, but I get excited for university to start again. Yes, the excitement quickly wears off when the work gets hard and hectic but I much prefer having routine in my life. I'm someone who can easily spend too long procrastinating and sitting around, but always feel worse for it, so the structure of having both university and a job keeps me on my toes and makes for a much more productive and happy version of me. 

8. The Colours. 
Autumn colours are beautiful. The gorgeous browns, reds, and oranges that mirror the changes in nature are so warming and welcoming to look at. I'm forever envious that I'm too pale to pull off many 'warm toned' clothes so Autumn is the time I get to see all of those lovely colours without them being in my wardrobe. I do get to relish in the darker, Halloweeny colours, as blacks, greens, and purples are among my ultimate favourites. The whole visual side of autumn is enchanting to look at. 

9. The Food.
You're probably going to expect me to be talking about pumpkin everything here, but whilst the smell of pumpkin is lovely, the flavour isn't my favourite. I love sweet, inviting caramels if we're talking cakes but what I really mean is comforting, hearty meals. It's lovely having a full, warm tummy after eating something wholesome at the end of a long day.

10. The Evenings. 
Autumn evenings are perfect. Coming in after a day at work or university, getting into some soft pyjamas, and warming up is lovely. Add a delicious tea, a warm drink, candles, and some atmospheric rain on the window and it's just blissful. 

I know a lot of these points overlap, but it's the whole package that makes Autumn so wonderful. There's just so much going on and changing yet so many snuggly, quiet moments. I hope you have a wonderful autumn and achieve everything you plan to! What's your favourite thing about autumn? 

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