Sunday, 20 January 2019

Salt of the Earth Vegan Natural Deoderant

I'm not going to lie, the one thing I've struggled with since going vegan 3 years ago has been finding a good anti-perspirant. None of them have been quite as effective as I would like, and have left me feeling a little on the yucky side. I finally decided to give Salt of the Earth a try, after hearing lots of good things, and I'm so very glad I did!

Saturday, 12 January 2019

A Month in Horror Films - December 2018

Truly, in all of my festive rushing, I let the side down with my horror watching in December. The only Christmas-themed horror offering I watched was Gremlins, which I watch every year. Aside from that, my general watchings were pretty tame too. I guess fairy-lights and gift-wrap don't put me in the guts and gore mood! December's 'Month in Horror' is featuring some huge insects, two musicals, and a sinister thriller. I hope you fond chance to watch something spooky over Christmas, because we all know it's no excuse to not get gory! 

Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 in Review

It may be the cliché of the century, but this year has passed far too quickly and yet feels like a lifetime all at once. I had initially decided I wasn't going to do a 'year in review' post this year, as I felt like I'd wasted the first half of the year battling mental illness. Truthfully, I was embarrassed and felt like I hadn't done 'enough' compared to the glitz and excitement of others. It then occurred to me that perhaps that's actually a powerful reason to write a review of the year, not just to take stock of everything I did do and how grateful I am, but to show how quickly things can turn around when you're at your lowest.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Being Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Last week, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It wasn't a shock, as it had come at the end of a lot of discussion with my doctor, and a lot of poking and prodding. I've had plenty of warning and time to gather my thoughts about it, but it didn't make finally hearing the 'official' diagnosis any less difficult. Lots of people don't know what fibromyalgia is, or what the process of diagnosis is, so I wanted to share my experience. 

if fibro thinks it's gonna stop me partying in giant heels, it's mistaken!