Saturday, 10 November 2018

Being Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Last week, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It wasn't a shock, as it had come at the end of a lot of discussion with my doctor, and a lot of poking and prodding. I've had plenty of warning and time to gather my thoughts about it, but it didn't make finally hearing the 'official' diagnosis any less difficult. Lots of people don't know what fibromyalgia is, or what the process of diagnosis is, so I wanted to share my experience. 

if fibro thinks it's gonna stop me partying in giant heels, it's mistaken!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

#TorPrompts Week One

The wonderful TorAthena has made a brilliant list of writing prompts to follow, for those of us who are inspired by NaNoWriMo, but don't quite fancy writing a whole novel. I've been itching to flex my fictional muscles for a while, and dip my toes into the grisly world of horror writing, so I'm very thankful to Tor for giving me a good excuse to! I'm going to be posting weekly sets of short pieces based on the prompts she's made, and I hope you enjoy them! I'm new to the whole fictitious thing, so I'd love any feedback or constructive criticism!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Horror Tag 2018

It's All Hallow's Eve Eve! What better time than the dark evening before Halloween to answer some questions about one of my favourite topics? This is another snazzy tag I've pinched from Amy, goddess of Blogtober. I'll be quite sad tomorrow when her posts are over. Without further ado, let's chat about horror!

Spooky Netflix Picks: October 2018

It's that time of year when sitting wrapped in blankets, with a hot drink and a good TV series to binge-watch seems like the best of ideas. You've probably already gathered that I'm a fan of any excuse to hibernate, so naturally, I love a good ol' binge-watch. Netflix has a banquet of spooky series to watch, ranging from bone-chilling horror to documentaries of the macabre. There are tons of series I'm yet to watch, so I'm sure there'll be more of these posts in the future! For now, here are the spooky series I've been loving this month.

Erm, you're not popcorn!